5 Year Fixed 2.69%

5 Year Variable 1.40%


Denise Barr

Mortgage Agent

Whether it’s purchasing your first house, buying a cottage property or refinancing your existing home, the mortgage market can be confusing, especially with the ever changing laws and challenging qualifying guidelines.  Are you getting the best rate?  What term is appropriate?  Should you choose a variable or fixed rate?  Do you have the time available to shop for the best product from multiple different lenders?  Sometimes it can seem that there are more questions than answers….and that’s where I can help. 

As your personal mortgage agent, I will work on your behalf to ensure you get the best mortgage possible.  One simple application, guaranteed personal and professional service.  I have been employed almost 30 years in the financial services industry in many different roles and have been a Mortgage Agent since 2010.  My background in personal and commercial banking, financial services management and investment sales has resulted in extensive knowledge that I can put to work for you to save you money. 

Why wait?  Call me today for your free financial checkup…a few minutes may save you thousands of dollars!

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